• Thanks for the miracle you performed on my back. I could not have recovered so quickly without your help. J.L.(Ossining)

  • No longer do I suffer from those real crippling backaches. It's a pleasure getting up in the morning not having any aches or pains. Congratulations to you, Dr. Diamond, for an accurate diagnosis and the treatment that followed. J.M.(White Plains)

  • Within a few weeks of chiropractic care, my hearing is much, much improved. It is like a miracle to me...NO operation, NO drugs, nice and simple. T.D(Larchmont)

  • When I first came to you I could hardly move, I was in such pain. You explained to my husband and me exactly what I had and what you would do to help me. You gave me exercises to do and now I am on maintenance care. As my husband and I are moving away, one of the things I will miss most is having you as my doctor. As for your staff, the could not be nicer. Again, thank you..YOU ARE THE BEST!, and I want to thank you for keeping me pain free. E.B.(W.Palm Beach)

  • A few years ago I fell, hurt my back and leg. I was in deep trouble, I could not maneuvre until I received your services. Through your manipulations, considerations, and compassions, I am capable of functioning with a straight back. More than grateful, will continue to do so with your help. B.W.(White Plains)